General conditions

  • By performing a scan, the user allows Blue Lion Systems and ScanCircle to use the scan data for a.o. advice, statistics and demographical information;
  • The user will not try to reverse-engineer, modify or manipulate the scan program, the scan file or the website;
  • Blue Lion Systems and ScanCircle are not liable for any problems caused by the usage of the scan program;
  • Blue Lion Systems and ScanCircle are not liable for any problems as a result of the user following up any advice;
  • The scan is only free for personal use. Business users are only allowed to use or offer the scan through our partner program;
  • Because there are different versions for various operation systems and web browsers and frequent updates, distributing or deep linking to the scan program is not allowed.

Privacy statement

  • By default, no personal information (documents, photos, videos, license numbers, passwords, email addresses, etc.) is retrieved;
  • Only in the so-called 'partner mode', license keys may be retieved and forwarded to the partner for re-installation purposes. In this case an explicit warning is shown in the scan program. These license keys are not stored anywhere by ScanCircle;
  • Data of individual computers will only be used by Blue Lion Systems and ScanCircle and will never be disclosed to third parties;
  • The scan data are by default uploaded using a secure HTTPS connection. If this fails, you get the option to try it without encryption;
  • Also for the home page and the result pages and their internal links a secure HTTPS connection is used by default;
  • Registration of email addresses is done based on the double opt-in mechanism (confirm using a link sent by email);
  • Registered email addresses are kept on a safe location and never disclosed to third parties;
  • Unsubscribed email addresses are removed the same day, unconfirmed email addresses after 1 week;
  • In addition to our own functional cookies, cookies may be used by third party services to monitor website traffic and support social media (see our Cookie statement).